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Basic: Personal Plan without feedback $100/month

We will build a plan designed for you but no feedback will be given. We will make the plan month to month and base it on how your are doing.

Basic+:Personal Plan with Monthly Feedback $150/month


This plan is a step up from the Basic Plan. At the end of every month we will discuss how you are doing and what you can work on for the next month and explain to you what each workout is designed for.


Premiere: Personal Plan with Weekly Feedback $250/month

The Premiere Plan is great for those who want to get feedback on how the week went and what could be done differently or what to expect in the coming week. Every weekend the athlete will discuss over the phone with the coach how the body is feeling, and the mind and even the spirit. This plan is suggested for those you are getting serious in the sport and what to take their performance to the next level.

All Inclusive: Personal Plan with Daily Feedback $350/month


The all inclusive plan allows for daily contact via email/call/text with the coach. This plan is recommended for the athlete that is already working hard in the sport or those who have crazy schedules and need to be in contact with the coach for any day to day changes.


*Note that we will work with you to find the best plan for your goals and your budget. DO not hesiste to contact us with questions. FTP your family @FTP

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