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Just like many others, I have had to change my training plan over the last couple of weeks in response to COVID-19, and am now doing most of my riding inside in keeping with social distancing. Indoor riding is something I stay away from even in the winter months, so mentally this was going to be a hard couple of weeks. Doing long hours inside did not seem appealing to me, so I decided to do some research on some different training strategies i could implement to try and break up the monotony. After some digging I found an interesting article from the University of Bath comparing the effects of heat acclimatization to that of altitude training. What I liked about the method used was that it consisted of only 60 minute rdes over the course of 10 days. In the study the temperature was set at 104 degrees farenheit, and between testing done before and after there was significant decrease over a 16km time trial that was comparable to that of the group that took part in training at simulated altitude. With no racing on the calendar for what I expect will be a significant amount of time I decided to go ahead and see if I could replicate the results of the study on my own. At the very least its something totally different from what I would normally be doing at this time of year and gives me something to focus on rather than trying to slog through countless hours on the trainer. Leave some comments on whether you are going to give it a try, and if you do what you thought of it. 


Lee1, Ben J., et al. "Cross Acclimation between Heat and Hypoxia: Heat Acclimation Improves Cellular Tolerance and Exercise Performance in Acute Normobaric Hypoxia." Frontiers in Physiology, 2016. Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine, Accessed 4 Apr. 2020

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